What Is A White Horse In Darts

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In the realm of darts, some terms and phrases evoke curiosity and wonder. One such phrase is “What Is A White Horse In Darts?

In darts, a “white horse” refers to scoring three consecutive hits on the number 20 segment.

If you’re an enthusiast of this captivating sport or just getting started, understanding this unique term can add a touch of mystery and excitement to your darting journey. In this article, we will delve into the world of darts, and explore the detailed meaning of the enigmatic White Horse, its significance, and the rules surrounding this elusive feat.

What Is A White Horse In Darts? Unraveling the Mystery

Before we delve into the myth and legend of the White Horse, let’s begin with the fundamentals of darts. Darts is a sport that involves players throwing small, pointed missiles (darts) at a circular dartboard fixed to a wall. The goal is to score points by hitting specific areas on the board, known as segments, with each segment assigned a numerical value.

The Allure of Darting Terms

Darts has a unique lexicon that adds charm and intrigue to the game. Terms like “White Horse” have long fascinated players and fans alike. So, what exactly is a White Horse in darts?

The Definition of a White Horse

A White Horse in darts refers to a rare and challenging achievement where a player finishes a leg or a game with exactly 171 points left, ending on the three triple-20s and the bullseye. Achieving this feat is akin to capturing a mythical creature, as it requires precision, skill, and a bit of luck.

The Significance of the White Horse

The White Horse holds a special place in the hearts of darting aficionados. It symbolizes the pinnacle of skill and accuracy, pushing players to strive for excellence and perfection. A player who accomplishes a White Horse is hailed as a master of the game, their name etched into darting folklore.

Rules and Strategies to Tame the White Horse

Understanding the Scoring System

To comprehend the challenge of the White Horse, you must first grasp the scoring system of darts. In a standard game of 501, each player begins with 501 points and must work their way down to zero. The dartboard is divided into different segments, with the outermost ring worth double the segment’s value, and the innermost ring (known as the triple) worth three times the value.

The White Horse Target

To achieve the elusive White Horse, a player must strategically aim for the triple-20 three times, leaving them with 171 points—three times the 57 points needed for a triple-19, or two times the 57 points required for a triple-19 and the bullseye.

Embracing the Challenge

A White Horse is no ordinary accomplishment; it requires both precision and bravery. Many players, when faced with the opportunity, may opt for safer shots to secure victory. But the courageous few who dare to go for the White Horse add an air of mystique and excitement to the game.


The White Horse in Darts remains a captivating and elusive phenomenon that continues to intrigue players and fans alike. Achieving this mythical feat requires a blend of skill, courage, and unwavering focus. As you venture deeper into the world of darts, remember the allure of the White Horse and the legends that surround it. Whether you’re an aspiring player or an ardent fan, embracing the spirit of the White Horse adds a layer of magic to this extraordinary sport.


If you’ve still got questions about White Horse In Darts, then these may help:

Is the White Horse Achievable in All Darting Formats?

While the White Horse can be achieved in most standard darting formats, it becomes more challenging in shorter formats like 301 or 201, where the margin for error is significantly narrower.

Has Anyone Accomplished the White Horse in Professional Darts?

The White Horse is an exceedingly rare feat, and its accomplishment at the professional level is equally scarce. Only a select few have etched their names into history by taming the White Horse on the big stage.

What is a white horse in darts Cricket?

In darts Cricket, a “white horse” refers to scoring three consecutive hits on the number 20 segment. It’s an achievement valued by players, showcasing skill and control in the game.