How To Play Tennis Darts

Are you a fan of both dart games and tennis? If so, you’re in for a thrilling experience with how to play Tennis Darts, a fusion of two exciting sports that demands precision and strategy. In this unique dart game, reminiscent of professional darts, two players take turns throwing three darts each, but the objective isn’t just to score points – it’s to “Chase the Dragon” and beat your opponent in the best of 6 service games.

Just like in tennis, players alternate between serving and receiving, striving to set a new target with each throw. Whether you’re a seasoned darts player or new to the game, Tennis Darts offers countless variations that keep things interesting.

Join us as we explore the rules, strategies, and thrill of this captivating sport that combines the finesse of tennis with the precision of darts. So, grab your heavier soft-tip darts, and let’s dive into the world of Tennis Darts – where the player with the highest score wins and becomes the new champion of this exhilarating game!

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How to Play Tennis Darts

Tennis darts is a game that can be played by two or four players, either in singles or doubles. The goal of the game is to win a set, which consists of six service games. A player wins a service game by scoring 15, 30, 40, and then a game, much like in tennis. If the players are tied at 40-40, they play a deuce tiebreak, where they have to score two consecutive points to win the game. If the players are tied at 3-3 in service games, they play a set tiebreak, where they have to score seven points with a two-point margin to win the set.

To start the game, each player throws a dart at the board and the closest one to the bullseye becomes the server for the first service game. The server starts on the left side of the board and has to hit a valid number within the playable area, which includes numbers 5-19. This becomes the target number for the rest of the game.

The server can score an ace by hitting a double on the first dart, which gives them an automatic point. Otherwise, they have to keep hitting the target number and accumulate points until they miss or hit the net (numbers 20 and 3). The points are calculated as follows: treble = 3 points, double = 2 points, single = 1 point.

The receiver then tries to beat the server’s score by hitting the same target number. If they succeed, they win the point. If they fail or hit the net, they lose the point. If they tie with the server’s score, a new target score is set by adding one point to the previous one. The players alternate between the left and right sides of the board for each point, with different playable areas (numbers 1-17 on the right side). The server changes after each service game.

Variations of Tennis Darts

Tennis darts is a game that can be played with different variations, depending on the preferences and skill levels of the players. Some of the possible variations are:

  • Changing the target number: Instead of using the same target number for the whole game, players can agree to change it after each service game or each point. This can make the game more challenging and unpredictable, as players have to adjust their aim and strategy accordingly.
  • Using different playable areas: Players can modify the playable areas on the board to include or exclude certain numbers, such as 20, 3, 25, or bullseye. This can affect the difficulty and scoring potential of the game, as well as the chances of hitting an ace or a net.
  • Playing with handicaps: Players can assign handicaps to themselves or their opponents to balance the game or increase the difficulty. For example, a player can start with a lower score, have fewer darts per throw, or use a smaller dartboard.
  • Playing with different scoring systems: Players can use different scoring systems to determine the winner of the game, such as best of three sets, best of five sets, or first to win a certain number of points. This can affect the length and intensity of the game, as well as the strategy and tactics of the players.

Tips and strategies for playing tennis darts

  • Aim for the trebles and doubles to score more points and put pressure on your opponent.
  • Try to hit consistent numbers within the playable area to avoid losing points by hitting the net or missing the board.
  • Practice your accuracy and precision by throwing darts at different distances and angles.
  • Have fun and enjoy this unique and exciting game!


In the end, It is concluded that tennis darts is an exciting twist on the classic game of darts, offering a unique challenge for players of all skill levels. Whether you’re the first player or the next in line, the objective remains the same: hit the target number with just one dart. This alternate between the two adds an element of strategy to the game. As you aim for the bullseye on the left-hand or right-hand side of the dartboard, you must play well to score as many points as possible.

Tennis Darts is an excellent addition to your list of dart games, with variations that keep the game fresh and engaging. So, grab your heavier darts, follow the darts rules, and determine the order – the first to score in this standard game of tennis darts wins. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a less experienced one, this game guarantees hours of competitive fun!

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