Top 5 Best Bristle Steel Tip Dart for Beginner in 2024

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2024 is a great year for darts players, as the market is flush with some of the best bristle darts and boards on the market. Whether you’re looking for steel tip darts, soft tip darts, or an electronic dartboard to keep score, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Are you a beginner looking to buy the best steel tip darts for your game? We will be discussing the top 5 best bristle steel tip dart for beginner in 2024. We will be taking an in-depth look at each dart, providing reviews and ratings, and discussing the key features and benefits of each one.

By the end of this post, you should have a better idea of which steel-tip dart is the right fit for you. So, let’s get started!

So if you’re looking for the best bristle dart in 2024 then please look at these 5 best options!

1. IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set

2. CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set

3. Whimlets Darts Metal Tip Set

4. Centaur 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts

5. Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts

1. IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set

If you are looking for a high-quality darts set, then the IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set is an ideal choice. This set includes six metal tip darts with natural rubber grips that offer superior control and accuracy.

The weighted barrels allow for consistent throws with every turn, while the durable aluminum shafts provide greater stability during play. The unique flight design allows for longer flights and greater accuracy when aiming at the board.

In addition, the set also includes a dartboard with a built-in scoring system to help you keep track of your scores easily. All in all, the IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set is an excellent choice for any player who wants to improve their game and have more enjoyment from shooting darts.

  • Quality Materials: The darts are made of knurled brass barrels, which provide a firm grip and higher precision.
  • Durable Construction: The robust aluminum shafts are designed not to bend or break, ensuring longevity and reliability during gameplay.
  • Secure Storage: The sleek case with a magnetic closure ensures secure storage for the darts. The custom-made EVA foam interior prevents scratches and loss.
  • Weight Limitation: The set has a fixed weight of 20g, which may not be suitable for players who prefer lighter or heavier darts based on personal preference.
  • Limited Color Options: The darts are available in the Crimson-Midnight Shadow color only, which may not appeal to individuals with specific color preferences.

2. CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set

The CC-Exquisite Professional Steel Tip Darts Set is a great choice for those looking to take their game of darts to the next level. This set comes with three steel tip darts, each crafted from high-grade stainless steel for maximum durability and accuracy.

The shafts are finished with knurled aluminum and the flight is designed to offer optimal stability in flight. The weight of the darts ranges from 18g to 24g, so it’s suitable for all levels of play.

With its sleek design and quality construction, this set is perfect for professional players or anyone who wants to hone their skills at home.

  • Customization Options: The set provides the opportunity to experiment with different combinations of barrels, flights, and shaft lengths, allowing players to discover the setup that best suits their playing style and preferences.
  • Multiple Setup Options: With 12 extra durable aluminum shafts in two lengths (35mm and 48mm), 12 flights in two shapes (Standard and Slim), and additional accessories like O-rings, dart tool, and sharpener, players have numerous options to customize their dart setup.
  • Durable Design: Marketed as a professional set designed to last, indicating durability and reliability for long-term use.
  • Slim Case Limitations: While the slim case is a positive feature for portability, it may not provide as much protection as a bulkier case, potentially exposing the darts to damage during transport.
  • Possible Loose Parts: Despite the inclusion of O-rings to prevent loosening, there is still a chance that parts may become loose during gameplay, requiring periodic adjustments and maintenance.

3. Whimlets Darts Metal Tip Set

The Whimlets Darts Metal Tip Set is perfect for any dart enthusiast looking to improve their game. This set includes three darts made of high-quality brass, each with a metal tip that is designed to increase accuracy and improve flight trajectory.

With the weighted barrels and strategically placed grooves, these darts deliver a consistent throw every time. The comfortable rubberized grip ensures that you won’t lose your hold on the dart mid-throw, making it easier to stay in control and hit your target.

This set also comes with an attractive carrying case so you can keep your darts safe while you go on the road or practice at home. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, this set of darts will help you elevate your game.

  • Engineered Brass Barrels: The precisely engineered brass barrels weighing 22 grams contribute to refining strategic balance and throwing technique, enhancing the overall quality of the darts.
  • 10-Year Warranty: The product comes with a 10-year warranty, assuring its durability and the manufacturer’s confidence in the set’s quality.
  • Rubber O-Rings: The rubber O-rings included in the set prevent loosening during the game, ensuring that the darts stay securely assembled during play.
  • Subjective Barrel Material: Some players may have personal preferences for barrel materials other than brass, such as tungsten or nickel.
  • No Mention of Flight Material: The description does not specify the material of the premium flights, and some players may have preferences for specific flight materials like nylon or polyester.

4. Centaur 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts

The centaur 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts are an ideal choice for those looking to get into the sport of darts. These durable and accurate darts feature a strong steel tip that helps with accuracy and consistency, while the alloy barrels ensure consistent flights.

The knurled grip helps with control and accuracy, while the weight ranges from 18 to 24 grams, allowing you to find the perfect dart for your style of play. The Centaur 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts also come with a dart case for easy storage and transport.

With its quality construction and affordability, these darts are sure to provide hours of fun for any dart enthusiast.

  • Variety of Colors: The set offers a variety of colors for both barrels (silver/black) and shafts (yellow/green/red/blue), allowing players to personalize their darts.
  • Sturdy Weight: Each dart weighs in at a sturdy 22 grams, suitable for various playing styles and preferences.
  • Durable Aluminum Shafts: The upgraded premium aluminum dart shafts are described as durable and unbreakable, providing longevity to the set.
  • Limited Weight Options: The set is specified to be 22 grams, and there may be limited options for players who prefer darts with different weight specifications.
  • Plastic Dart Case: While the case is described as durable, some players may prefer a more premium or padded case for added protection during transportation.

5. Wolftop 15 Pack Steel Tip Darts

The Wolftop 15-Pack Steel Tip Darts are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their darting arsenal. The darts are made of durable steel and feature a sleek black finish for an eye-catching look.

The knurled grooves along the barrel provide extra grip that allows for improved accuracy, while the tips of the darts are designed with precision to ensure they hit their targets. The included aluminum shafts also ensure maximum stability and help protect your wall from ricochet damage.

Whether you’re playing in tournaments or just for fun at home, these darts offer excellent performance that will enhance any game.

  • Locking Hole Design: The shafts are designed with a locking hole, allowing extra leverage for tightening the shaft to the barrel securely, preventing loosening during play.
  • Precision-Machined Barrels: High-quality brass-plated steel barrels are precision-machined, offering good balance and unique styling. The strategically placed knurling and deep grooves provide excellent gripping points, enhancing control for the player.
  • Round Jar Packaging: The darts come in a round jar, providing convenient storage and easy access to all 15 darts.
  • Limited Dart Quantity: While the set provides 15 darts, some players may prefer larger sets, especially if they play in groups or want more options for customization.
  • Polyester Flights: The use of polyester flights may be a matter of personal preference, as some players prefer other materials like nylon or standard flights.

Difference between soft tip and steel tip darts

Darts come in different types and each type of dart has its use. Soft-tip darts are designed for electronic dart boards, while steel-tip darts are designed for bristle dart boards. The best type of dart for beginners is a soft tip dart, as it is less likely to bounce off the board and cause bounce-outs.

Steel tip darts are better suited for more serious dart players, as they tend to be of higher quality than soft tips and can last longer. Bristle boards offer the most durable playing surface and are best suited for games such as cricket or 501.

For those looking for a more professional setup, there are steel-tip and soft-tip Dartboard sets available which come with accessories such as a scoreboard and flight protectors.

There is also the option of an electronic dart board, which offers features such as lighting systems to increase accuracy and reduce bounce-outs.

When looking to buy the best dart board or the best set of darts, it is important to consider factors such as the weight of the darts, their material, their design, and whether they come with a number ring to rotate.

Brands like Winmau, Viper Shot King Dartboard, and Ignatgames Professional Dart Board Set are all great choices when you’re looking for high-quality darts at an affordable price.

Can you use steel tip darts on an electronic dart board?

You can use steel tip darts on an electronic dart board, and there are many advantages to doing so. Steel-tip darts provide a more durable and higher-quality flight than soft-tip darts, making them ideal for serious dart players.

The best dart for an electronic dartboard is the Viper Sure Grip 23-gram Steel Tip Dart. It features a unique grip pattern that increases accuracy and reduces bounce-outs. For a beginner dart player, the Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Board Dartboard Set is a great choice as it includes all the necessary equipment needed to start your dart game.

The board is made from sisal fiber which increases durability, while the steel tips help reduce bounce-outs when throwing darts. Additionally, the included plastic darts are lightweight and tend to stick in the target area more consistently than soft-tip darts.

To further decrease bounce-outs, many professional dartboards come with a rotating number ring that helps disperse the impact of incoming darts evenly across its surface. With the list of best dart boards available today, you can take your game to new heights and look and feel like a professional dart player!

Advantages of steel tip darts

Steel tip darts have many advantages over other types of darts. Steel tip darts are durable and of high quality, making them a great choice for the professional dart player. The Winmau brand is well known for its steel-tip darts and often provides good value for money.

Steel tips also make it easier to play the popular game of cricket, as well as other games like 501 and 301. Additionally, steel-tip darts can provide a better dartboard experience because they reduce bounce-outs from the board. A quality steel-tip dartboard set comes with a staple-free bullseye that is made from sisal fiber, which helps to decrease bounce-outs.

Even if you’re just starting out, investing in a good bristle or electronic dartboard set can be beneficial in the long run since these boards and darts are designed to last longer than soft-tip equivalents. Furthermore, high-quality steel tip darts tend to weigh more than soft darts, so they often perform better when used with an electronic board.

If you’re looking for the best dart sets on the market today, then you can’t go wrong with products like Viper 2024 or Winmau Flight – both great choices for serious dart players!

How To Choose a Best Dart – 9 Things To Consider

When it comes to choosing a dart, there are many things to consider. The first thing to think about is the type of dart you want; steel tip darts or soft tip darts. Steel tip darts are best for regular bristle dartboards and soft tip darts for electronic boards.

You also need to consider the quality of the dart; a high-quality professional dart will last much longer than a cheap beginner one. Flight, weight, and size are all important factors when considering the best dart for you, as they can affect accuracy and performance.

Additionally, you should look at durability and bounce-outs; some materials such as sisal fiber and plastic tips reduce bounce-outs better than others.

If you’re looking for an electronic board, be sure to look at reviews of different models such as Viper 2024 or Winmau steel-tip darts sets. A great board may come with a complete set including a scoreboard, dart player rotation number ring, and extra darts.

Lastly, check out frequently asked questions and compare prices – sometimes it’s worth spending more on a higher quality set if you are serious about your game!


Ultimately, the Top 5 Bristle Steel Tip Best Darts for Beginners to Buy in 2024 are all great choices for those new to the game. Each of the darts provides excellent accuracy, quality construction, and good balance, making it easy to learn the game.

In addition, each of the darts is affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to get a great set of darts.

Whether you’re looking for a set of darts to learn the basics or to upgrade your game, the Top 5 Bristle Steel Tip Best Darts for Beginners to Buy in 2024 are sure to give you the best possible start. With the right dart and a little bit of practice, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you’ve still got questions about the best bristle steel tip darts, then these may help:

What are the best steel tip darts to use?

The best steel tip darts to use will depend on the type of dartboard and darts being used. If you’re looking for the best bristle dartboard, then almost always use a bristle board with steel-tipped darts.

The list of the best steel tip darts includes both electronic and plastic-tipped darts, but some players prefer one over the other. Darts are made from different materials such as brass, tungsten, and nickel-plated steel which affects how much it weighs. Plastic tip darts tend to be lighter than metal tips, so they are great for beginners who don’t have a lot of strength yet.

Electronic darts weigh more than plastic tips, but they can be used in almost any type of dartboard. Darts are manufactured by different companies with various designs and quality levels. Before buying a set of steel-tipped darts, it’s important to check out reviews online to see what others think about them.

Additionally, make sure that the type of dartboard you buy has good reviews and that it comes with accessories like a number ring which needs to be rotated regularly. A great dart board is worth the price if it increases accuracy and decreases bounce-outs when playing British Darts or other games.

When shopping around for the best steel tip darts make sure you consider how they are manufactured and what kind of dartboard is made for them too!

What darts to choose for beginners?

When choosing darts for beginners, the best electronic dart is usually the best choice. Electronic darts have a tip that prevents them from bouncing off of the dartboard, and they can be used almost always with bristle dartboards.

Additionally, they are often included in the kit with reviews on how to rotate the number ring. Dart tips are also important when considering what kind of dart to choose for beginners. Soft tips reduce damage to walls and furniture from flying darts, while steel tips will cause more damage but will last longer during play.

It is important to consider these factors when choosing a suitable set for beginner players. Lastly, it is important to read up on dartboard reviews before making a purchase.

These reviews provide information about different types of boards so that you can make an informed decision about which type of board will work best for you or your family.

How do you choose a steel-tip dart?

When choosing a steel tip dart, it is important to consider how you will use the darts. If you are looking for something to play with casually, then traditional steel tip darts can be used.

However, if you’re looking for something more serious, then almost always use bristle or electronic dart boards. The tips of the darts matter as well; some tips are designed to stick better into the board while others are designed to minimize bouncing when they land on the board.

It’s best to try out different types of tips and find out which one works best for your style and playing ability. Additionally, make sure that the weight of the darts suits your playing style; heavier darts require more power when throwing them and lighter ones require less power but may not stay in the board as well.

Lastly, it is important to choose a set of darts that have good balance so that your throws will be consistent every time.

What is the best weight for a steel-tip dart?

The best weight for a steel tip electronic dart is usually between 18 and 26 grams. The darts mustn’t be too heavy or too light. If they are too light, they may bounce off the board more easily than desired, while if they are too heavy, they may not reach the intended target accurately.

Generally speaking, it is easier to control lighter darts as there is less inertia when throwing them. On the other hand, heavier darts may penetrate deeper into the board and provide a higher score due to their increased momentum.

It’s really up to personal preference and practice to decide what weight fits you best. Ultimately, you should find a weight that allows you to feel comfortable when throwing your darts without having them bounce off of the board from time to time.

Who makes the best steel darts?

If you’re looking for the best steel darts, then you have to look no further than Target Darts. They offer some of the highest quality steel darts on the market, so you know that you’ll be getting a good product when you purchase from them.

What makes Target’s steel darts stand out is the way they bounce off the board. The finely crafted barrels and grooves make sure that these darts will hit their target with accuracy every time, and that they won’t bounce off or miss their mark.

The precision-milled flights also make sure that your dart will fly straight and true, ensuring your success on the board. On top of this, Target’s darts come in a variety of colors, styles and finishes to ensure that you find one that matches your own style and preferences perfectly.

Whether you’re an experienced dart thrower or just starting out, you can be sure that Target has a set of steel darts perfect for your needs.

What kind of darts do professionals use?

Professional darts players use a variety of different types of darts, depending on their personal preferences. Generally, the most common type are steel-tipped darts, which feature a sharp tip designed to pierce the dartboard and stay securely in place until it is removed.

These darts tend to have heavier barrels than other types of darts, which improves accuracy and helps reduce the chance of the darts bouncing off the board in the event of a miss.

The flights used on these darts are also typically more rigid than those found on other types of darts, making them less likely to be affected by air currents or other environmental factors.

Professional players will also often use brass-tipped darts, which are lighter in weight and less prone to bending or breaking upon impact with another dart.

Regardless of what type they choose, professional dart players must ensure that their equipment is properly maintained for them to perform at their best each time they step up to the oche.