How to Play Killer Darts

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play killer darts, now is your chance. This article provides a brief overview of the game, as well as some tips on how to improve your skills. With a little practice, you’ll be throwing darts like a pro in no time.

To play Killer, you will need at least two people and a set of darts. The game is played with three darts per turn, and the goal is to score as many points as possible.

The game is played on a standard dartboard, with the numbers 1-20 in the outer ring, and the bullseye in the center. Each player takes turns throwing three darts, and the score for each turn is added to their total score. The first player to reach 100 points wins the game.

Killer is a game where players try to eliminate each other. Each player is assigned a random number on the dartboard and starts with three lives, or zero points. To become a killer, you must score a double or five points in your number. Then you can eliminate the other players’ lives by scoring doubles or five points in their numbers.

To start the game, each player throws one dart at the dartboard. The player who hits the closest to the bullseye goes first.

From there, players take turns throwing three darts at the board. The goal is to hit as many numbers as possible, and each number can only be hit once per turn.

When all three darts have been thrown, the player’s score for that turn is tallied and added to their total score. Play continues until one player reaches 100 points, at which point they are declared the winner.

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to play with friends or family, give Killer a try!

How Players throw a dart – Killer Darts Rules

In Killer Darts, every Player throws a dart by holding the dart with their non-dominant hand and throwing it toward the dart board with their dominant hand.

They should aim for the bullseye, and release the dart when their arm is at full extension.

Killer Dart Basic Game Rules

The game of killer is a darts game that can be played with any number of players. To become a killer, a player must hit the double with their non-dominant hand.

If they do so, they make the game and become the killer. The game then proceeds as normal, with the player throwing three darts per turn.

However, if the killer hits a treble, they become a blind killer and the game ends immediately.

Killer Darts Variations

Killer Darts Variations is a fun and challenging dart game that can be played with up to four people.

The object of the game is to score points by hitting the bullseye, and the game can be won by either reaching the assigned number of points or by being the first player to achieve killer status.

There are several different variations of killer darts, but the most common one is double killer darts, which is played with two players.

In this variation, each player is assigned a number, and the first player to reach that number becomes the killer. The other player then has to hit the bullseye three times in a row to make the game longer.

Another popular variation is treble killer darts, which is similar to double killer darts but require each player to hit the bullseye three times in a row before becoming the killer. This variation is more challenging and requires a higher skill level.

For an even more challenging game, try blind killer darts, where one player is blindfolded and has to rely on luck to hit the target. The other players can help guide them, but ultimately it’s up to the blindfolded player to hit the bull

How to Play Killer Darts

In killer darts, each player is assigned a number and given killer status. Player 1 starts the game by throwing one dart.

If they hit the double, they become a killer and their assigned number goes up on the scoreboard. If they miss the double, they remain a player and their assigned number stays the same.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to reach 21 points. If a player hits their double, they lose a life. If a player hits the double of another player, that player loses a life.

A player can only throw one dart per turn. The game is over when all but one player has lost all their lives. The last player standing is the winner.

How To Score Killer Darts

To score killer darts, the player must first become a killer. This can be done by hitting the bullseye three times in a row, or by scoring a 180-point score. Once the player becomes a killer, they will be able to score killer darts at will.

Game of killer for two players to play dart

When playing ‘Killer’ with darts, the basic rules are to hit each number on the board from 1 to 20 once, and then the bullseye twice.

The first player to do so is the ‘killer’. To score points, players must hit the numbers in sequence, and cannot move onto the next number until the previous one has been hit.

If a player misses the board entirely, they lose their turn. The game is won by the first player to reach 100 points.

Tips For Killer Darts

In darts, the first part of the game is to throw your darts at the dartboard and score as high as possible. The assigned number is the number of points that you need to score to win the game.

The skill level is the amount of points that you can score in one turn. The difficulty of the game is how many points you need to score to win.


In the end, We hope you are now well aware of how to play killer darts. The game of darts is a great way to relieve stress, have fun, and compete with friends. By following the simple tips in this article, you can quickly become a killer darts player. Remember to practice, relax, and enjoy the game.


If you’ve still got questions about how to play killer darts, then these may help:

How to play killer darts game?

To play killer darts, you need two players. One player starts by throwing three darts at the dartboard. The other player then tries to hit the same numbers that the first player did. If they hit one of the numbers, they get a point. The first player to 10 points wins the game.

What is killer in darts?

Darts is a game in which players throw small missiles at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall. The game is governed by a set of rules and regulations, and scoring is done by hitting specific areas of the dartboard. The game can be played by two or more people, either individually or in teams.

The object of the game is to score points by throwing darts at the dartboard. The dartboard is divided into 20 numbered sections, each of which is worth a certain number of points.

The center of the board, known as the bull’s-eye, is worth 50 points. The outer ring of the board is worth 25 points, and the inner ring is worth double that, or 50 points. Hitting the bull’s-eye gives the player three darts instead of one.

The game is usually played with three darts per turn, but players can also use fewer darts if they wish. Players take turns throwing their darts at the board, and the first player to reach a predetermined score (usually 501 or 301) wins the game.

How to play blind killer darts?

To play blind killer darts, start by throwing three darts at the same time at the dartboard. Then, take turns throwing two darts each at the dartboard, until one player has only one dart left. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

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