How To Play Hare And Hound Darts

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey through the world of darts? If you’re a fan of traditional dart games but are looking for a fresh twist, then you’re in for a treat. Enter the exhilarating realm of “Fox Hunt/ Hare and Hound Darts” – a competitive dart game that takes the thrill of the chase to a whole new level.

Many players wonder how to play hare and hound darts, it’s not just about hitting your target; it’s about being the ultimate predator or the elusive prey. With a set of unique dart game rules and gameplay that will keep you on your toes, Fox Hunt is a must-try for both novice players and seasoned dart enthusiasts.

Hare (starts on 20) aims to reach it again, traveling clockwise, while Hound (starts on 5) chases counter-clockwise, trying to “catch” the Hare by landing on the same segment. First to complete their path wins!

We’ll walk you through the intriguing world of How to play Hare and Hound Darts or Fox Hunt Darts, from the basics of play to advanced strategies for outsmarting your opponent. Get ready to hone your skills and learn how to play this popular darts game like a pro, where one player chases the other around the board, aiming to catch the fox and emerge as the winning player. So, if you’re ready to up your dart game and add a thrilling new dimension to your playtime, read on to discover the ins and outs of Hare and Hound/ Fox Hunt Darts!

Setting Up the Hare and Hound Dartboard

To set up a game of Hare and Hound Darts, you will need a dartboard, darts, and a score sheet. You can use any type of dartboard, but a standard dartboard is recommended.

  1. Divide the dartboard into two halves, with one half for the Hare and the other half for the Hound.
  2. The Hare starts on the 20 segments and the Hound starts on the 5 segment pursues counterclockwise.
  3. Each player has three darts per turn.

Understanding the Rules and Objectives of Hare and Hound Darts

The goal of the game is for the Hare to complete a full lap around the dartboard and return to the 20-segment before the Hound catches up. The Hound catches the Hare if the Hound lands on the same segment as the Hare.

On their turn, the Hare must throw their darts at the next segment in the clockwise direction. If the Hare hits the segment, they move to that segment. If the Hare misses the segment, they stay on their current segment.

The Hound can throw their darts at any segment on the board. If the Hound hits the segment that the Hare is currently on, the Hare is caught and the Hound wins the game.

If the Hare completes a full lap around the dartboard and returns to the 20 segment before the Hound catches them, the Hare wins the game.

How to Play Hare and Hound Darts Step-by-Step

  1. Team Selection: Divide players into Hares and Hounds. Hares throw first.
  2. Starting Score: Determine the starting score, usually 301 or 501 points per player.
  3. Gameplay: Teams take turns throwing three darts each. Subtract the points scored from the starting score.
  4. Winning: The Hares aim to reach zero first, while the Hounds aim to catch up and surpass the Hares’ score.

Scoring in Hare and Hound Darts

There is no scoring in Hare and Hound Darts. The first player to win the game wins the match.

In Hare and Hound Darts, scoring is similar to traditional darts. The outer ring scores double, and the inner ring (bullseye) scores triple. Keep track of each player’s score, and strategize to stay ahead or catch up, depending on your team’s role.

Hare and Hound Darts Variations and House Rules

There are a few different variations of Hare and Hound Darts that you can play.

  • One-life Hare and Hound Darts: In this variation, players only have one life. If a player hits their segment on the board, they lose a life. If a player loses their life, they are eliminated from the game.
  • Team Hare and Hound Darts: This variation can be played with two teams of two players each. Each player on a team takes turns throwing three darts at the board. The first team to have both of its players complete a full lap around the dartboard and return to the 20-segment wins the game.
  • Tournament Hare and Hound Darts: This variation is played in a tournament format, with multiple players or teams competing. Players or teams are eliminated from the tournament as they lose games. The last player or team remaining is the winner.

This game allows for various house rules and variations. You can introduce special scoring rules, add “safe zones,” or adjust the number of players per team. These variations can add excitement and uniqueness to your Hare and Hound Darts experience.

Tips and Strategies for Success in Hare and Hound Darts

Here are a few tips and strategies for playing Hare and Hound Darts:

  • Aim for the center of the target. The closer you can aim to the center of the target, the more likely you are to hit the segment you are aiming for.
  • Use your offhand. If you are right-handed, try using your left hand to throw the darts. This can help you to improve your aim and accuracy.
  • Be patient. Don’t rush your shots. Take your time and aim carefully.
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you are close to winning, don’t be afraid to go for the big shot.
  • Communication: Effective communication within your team is key.
  • Consistency: Aim for consistent scoring and avoid wild throws.
  • Strategic Targeting: Target specific numbers to maximize your scoring potential.
  • Mind Your Score: Always be aware of your team’s score and strategize accordingly.

Hare and Hound Darts vs. Traditional Darts: A Comparison

Hare and Hound Darts and Traditional Darts are distinct dart game styles. In Hare and Hound Darts, it’s a competitive chasing dart game where one player, called the “hare,” must travel clockwise around the board, starting at 20, while the other player, the “hound,” pursues counter-clockwise. The hound wins by overtaking the hare. The objective is to reach each numbered segment in one turn, making it more challenging for the hare.

Traditional darts, on the other hand, involve players taking turns to throw three darts each and attempt to hit specific targets, like doubles or trebles. Popular games like Cricket and Shanghai offer similar skills but don’t involve chasing. Both games have their own set of rules and objectives, catering to players with different preferences and skills.


In the end, It is concluded that Hare and Hound Darts which is also known as Fox Hun darts is a fun and challenging darts game that can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. Now that you’ve learned how to play Hare and Hound Darts, gather your friends, set up your dartboard, and enjoy this exhilarating and social dart game. Whether you’re a Hare or a Hound, remember to have fun, communicate with your team, and aim for the bullseye! With a little practice, you can become a Hare and Hound Darts champion!

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