How Many Tranq Darts For A Quetzal (Complete Guide)

Taming a quetzal in the popular video game ARK: Survival Evolved can be both challenging and rewarding. To successfully tame this large flying creature, players need to consider several factors, including the number of tranquilizer darts required.

Many game player wonders how many tranq darts for a quetzal. The number of darts needed will vary depending on factors such as the quetzal’s level, stamina, and the player’s weapon of choice. Whether it’s the trusty crossbow, rifle, or even the tek grappling hook, players should always stock up on enough tranq darts or arrows before attempting to tame a quetzal.

With dododex as a helpful resource, players can follow a description, read comments, and even watch a render or real-world video to ensure a successful tame. So, if you’re ready to take on the challenge of taming a quetzal, grab your weapon of choice, gather some raw meat, and get ready to join the ranks of those who can proudly ride the skies on their majestic quetzal mount.

Understanding Tranq Darts

What tranq darts are and how they work

Tranq darts are specialized projectiles used to administer tranquilizers to sedate creatures. They typically consist of a hollow needle filled with a potent tranquilizing agent, often a sedative or anesthetic. When fired from a dart gun or crossbow, the dart punctures the skin and delivers the tranquilizer directly into the creature’s bloodstream. The tranquilizer then induces a temporary state of sedation, allowing for easier handling, taming, or medical treatment of the animal.

Importance of using tranq darts for taming high-level creatures like the Quetzal

Tranq darts play a crucial role in taming high-level creatures such as the Quetzal in games like ARK: Survival Evolved. These creatures often possess formidable defenses and high health pools, making them challenging to subdue. Tranq darts provide a safer alternative to direct combat, as they allow players to incapacitate the creature from a distance without causing significant harm. This approach minimizes the risk of accidental death and maximizes the chances of a successful tame

Different types of tranq darts available in the game and their effectiveness

In the game, players have access to various types of tranq darts, each with its characteristics and effectiveness. Standard tranq darts are the most basic variant, delivering a moderate amount of tranquilizer upon impact. Advanced tranq darts are an upgraded version, offering increased potency and quicker sedation. Finally, shocking tranq darts provide an electric shock upon impact, delivering additional torpor and immobilizing the creature temporarily. Choosing the right type of tranq dart based on the situation and the target’s resistance is crucial for successful taming endeavors.

How Many Tranq Darts for a Quetzal: Factors to Consider

When calculating the number of tranq darts needed to tame a quetzal, several factors come into play. These factors include the quetzal’s level, the quality of your tranq darts, and the specific strategy you employ. Let’s delve into each factor in more detail.

1. Quetzal Level

The level of the quetzal greatly influences the number of tranq darts required. Higher-level quetzals have more torpor and, therefore, require additional tranq darts to sedate effectively.
Lower-level quetzals may require as few as 10-15 tranq darts, while higher-level ones could need 30 or more.

2. Tranq Dart Quality

The quality of your tranq darts impacts their effectiveness. Higher-quality tranq darts have a higher torpor-inducing effect, meaning you’ll need fewer shots to sedate the quetzal.
For best results, try to acquire or craft high-quality tranq darts, such as the Longneck Rifle with shocking tranq darts or the TEK Tranq Rifle.

3. Taming Strategy

Your taming strategy can affect the number of tranq darts needed. Two popular strategies include using a Quetzal Platform Saddle or building a Quetzal Trap.
The Quetzal Platform Saddle allows you to build a structure on the quetzal’s back, giving you a stable platform to shoot from. This strategy typically requires fewer tranq darts.
Building a Quetzal Trap involves constructing a large cage-like structure to immobilize the quetzal temporarily, making it an easier target. This method may require more tranq darts due to potential missed shots.

Optimal Strategies for Taming A Quetzal

Now that we’ve covered the factors affecting the number of tranq darts needed, let’s explore the optimal strategies for taming a quetzal:

  1. Quetzal Platform Saddle Strategy: Craft or acquire a Quetzal Platform Saddle. b. Build a stable structure on the saddle, ideally equipped with walls and ceilings for protection. c. Position yourself on the saddle and shoot tranq darts at the quetzal while staying in range. d. Keep an eye on the quetzal’s torpor level, ensuring it doesn’t wake up during the taming process.
  2. Quetzal Trap Strategy:  Construct a Quetzal Trap using a combination of foundations, walls, and gates. b. Lure the quetzal into the trap, preferably using a flyer or another quetzal. c. Once the quetzal is inside the trap, close the gates to prevent its escape. d. From outside the trap, shoot tranq darts at the quetzal until it becomes unconscious.

Recommended Taming Supplies

When taming powerful creatures like Quetzals and Rexes, you’ll need the right supplies. Bring along 20 Tranq arrows for lower-level Quetzals, or 50 for higher-level ones. Tranqs are essential for knocking out dinos. Consider using a Griffin to follow a Quetzal in the air. For land creatures, a large bear or scorpion in a cage works well. Beware of bugs – they can interrupt taming.

If you need a second Quetzal, use the command “Follow Me” to make it follow you. Keep an eye on stamina and use the Hover command to regain it. Narcotics are useful for keeping dinos unconscious. Chain bolas can be a handy utility for immobilizing larger creatures.

For a stable base, build a 3x3x3 structure. Aim for headshots when using Tranq arrows, but be prepared for it to be ineffective against higher-level creatures. Remember that they may lose stamina during taming, so watch out.

Consider an Argent for transport; they can carry around 10 wild dinos. For gathering resources, Trikes, Mammoths, and Spinosaurus are great choices. Don’t forget a Tapejara saddle for aerial travel. Use the Whistle Attack command to make your tamed dinos attack targets. For more tips, check out guides, descriptions, and comments. Transcripts and real-world examples can also be helpful. Beware of the Buck and Claw attacks from Rock Elementals in Aztec-like regions. Enjoy taming Spinos in tropical areas, and maybe even encounter a Golem.

Tips for Successful Taming

To improve your chances of a successful taming process, here are some additional tips and tricks:

  1. Aim for the Quetzal’s body rather than its wings, as it has a larger hitbox.
  2. Have a tribe member or a tamed creature as a passenger on your mount to deal damage while you focus on shooting tranq darts.
  3. Utilize traps or natural terrain features to immobilize the Quetzal temporarily, making it an easier target.
  4. Use 50 Tranq arrows when attempting to tame a Quetzal, especially if it’s a higher-level one.
  5. Approach a low-level Quetzal if you’re a beginner tamer and want to practice your skills.
  6. Keep an eye out for wild Quetzals in the sky; they’re often found flying around.
  7. Consider using a Pteranodon for scouting and locating potential taming targets.
  8. Make sure to count the number of Tranq arrows you’ve used, as it’s crucial for successful taming.
  9. Aim to have at least a few seconds of lag time between Tranq shots to allow the torpor to take effect.
  10. Give your tamed Quetzal time to regenerate stamina by using the Hover command when it gets exhausted.
  11. Utilize chain bolas to temporarily immobilize creatures during taming to make the process easier.
  12. Aim for headshots with your Tranq arrows to maximize torpor and speed up the taming process.
  13. If you’re attempting to tame a higher-level creature like an Argent or Spino, be prepared for a more challenging taming experience.


In the end, we hope that now you are well aware of how many tranq darts for a quetzal. After following all the steps mentioned above you can easily tame a quetzal in ARK. taming a Quetzal requires careful planning and a sufficient number of Tranquilizer Darts. Whether it’s a low-level Quetzal or a higher-level one, it is crucial to have at least a rough estimate of the number of darts needed. Considering the Quetzal’s stamina regeneration and using an Argentavis as a mount can aid in the taming process. When seeking more detailed instructions, checking out tutorials, descriptions, and comments can provide valuable insights.


If you’ve still got questions about How many tranq darts for a quetzal, then these may help:

How do you knock out a quetzal?

To knock out a Quetzal, especially a low-level one, you can use a chain bola to temporarily immobilize it. Aim for a headshot to maximize torpor infliction. Wait a few seconds for its stamina to regenerate, then repeat the process. For higher-level Quetzals, consider using an Argentavis as it provides better protection.

How many tranq darts for a giga?

To successfully tranquilize a Giganotosaurus, you will need a significant number of Tranquilizer Darts due to its high torpor resistance. On average, it takes approximately 80 to 150 Tranquilizer Darts to render a Giga unconscious.

How many tranq darts for a 120 rex?

When dealing with a level 120 Tyrannosaurus Rex (Rex), it typically requires around 20 to 30 Tranquilizer Darts to knock it out. The exact number can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the Darts, your weapon’s damage, and any additional modifiers in the game

How much torpor does a quetzal have?

A Quetzal, being a large and resilient creature in ARK: Survival Evolved, possesses a considerable amount of torpor. On average, a Quetzal has a base torpor value of approximately 5,500.

How do you tame a quetzal fast?

To tame a Quetzal quickly, gather supplies, locate a wild Quetzal, build a trap, use a flyer to lure it in, immobilize it, and administer narcotics/food until tamed.

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