What is a 9 Dart Finish in Darts

In the exhilarating world of darts, where precision and skill meet, there exists a moment of pure magic known as the “9 Dart Finish.” This pinnacle of perfection is a feat revered by players and fans alike, as it represents the epitome of skill, focus, and mastery in the game of arrows. Many darts players wonder, what is a 9-dart finish in darts?

A 9 Dart finish is attained when a competitor completes a flawless game, necessitating merely nine throws to go from a starting score of 501 to zero. This is accomplished by employing the least amount of throws feasible.

We will delve into detail of the mesmerizing art of a 9 Dart Finish, exploring its significance, the players who have accomplished this elusive feat, the strategies involved, and the aura it carries in the world of competitive darts.

What is a 9 Dart Finish in darts?

A 9 Dart Finish, also referred to as a “Nine-Darter,” is the ultimate accomplishment in the game of darts. It is achieved when a player completes a perfect leg, requiring only nine darts to reach zero from the starting score of 501, utilizing the fewest number of throws possible.

In a standard game of darts, each player begins with a score of 501, and the objective is to reduce this score to exactly zero before their opponent does. Players aim at a dartboard, which is divided into numbered segments, and the highest possible score with three darts is 180 (3 x 60 points) by hitting three triple 20s.

The Significance of a 9 Dart Finish

A 9 Dart Finish is exceedingly rare and stands as a testament to the player’s extraordinary skill and mental composure. Achieving this remarkable feat during a competitive match is electrifying, often leading to an eruption of excitement from both the crowd and the players themselves.

It is a moment that etches itself into the annals of darts history, elevating the player to a legendary status and immortalizing their name among the greats of the sport.

The Players who have Achieved Perfection

Over the years, the number of players who have accomplished a 9 Dart Finish in top-level competitions has grown, but it remains a remarkable rarity. Among those who have etched their names into darting folklore are legends like Phil “The Power” Taylor, Michael “Mighty Mike” van Gerwen, Raymond “Barney” van Barneveld, and Gary “The Flying Scotsman” Anderson, to name a few.

These giants of the game have astounded audiences worldwide with their impeccable precision and have, in many instances, achieved multiple 9 Dart Finishes throughout their illustrious careers.

The Road to Perfection: Strategies for a 9 Dart Finish

Reaching the pinnacle of perfection in darts demands a harmonious blend of talent, strategy, and mental fortitude. To embark on the journey towards a 9 Dart Finish, players must first focus on consistency in their throws and maintain a relentless commitment to practice.
Hitting triple 20s, the highest-scoring segment on the dartboard, is a key element in crafting a successful path to perfection. However, the ultimate challenge lies in stringing together nine perfect darts, which necessitates not just accuracy but also unwavering composure under immense pressure.

The Opening

A solid start is crucial to set the tone for the rest of the leg. Players must aim for the maximum 180 score by landing three successive triple 20s at the outset. This lays the foundation for a potential 9 Dart Finish and builds confidence for the player.

Progression through the Leg

After the opening three triple 20s, the player must deftly maneuver their way through the leg, utilizing calculated shots to leave a manageable finish after each turn. Skillful use of the treble segments, combined with smart positioning on the dartboard, is vital in maintaining momentum.

Setting Up the Finish

As the player approaches the final stages of the leg, careful planning is essential. Leaving a finish that can be achieved with three darts is paramount. Popular finishes include 41 (9, double 16), 45 (13, double 16), and 51 (19, double 16), among others.

The Final Dart

With the finish within reach, the player must exhibit unyielding focus and nerve. A composed and well-executed final three-dart sequence is the ultimate test of a player’s mettle. Hitting the double required to complete the leg crowns the 9 Dart Finish and ignites a celebration of perfection.

The Aura of a 9 Dart Finish in Darts

The magic of a 9 Dart Finish extends far beyond the immediate moment of accomplishment. The aura surrounding this rare feat transcends time and resonates throughout the history of darts. When a player achieves perfection, it becomes a part of their legacy, forever woven into the fabric of their darting career. Fans remember these moments with awe and admiration, cherishing the memories of witnessing darting brilliance at its zenith.

What is the Best 9 Dart Finishes

The best 9 dart finishes in darts history include impressive performances by players like Michael van Gerwen, Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis, and Dave Chisnall.


In the end, we hope that now you are well aware of what is a 9 dart finish in darts. The pursuit of a 9 Dart Finish in darts represents the quest for perfection, an elusive goal that only a select few can attain.

As players continue to hone their skills and thrill audiences worldwide, the allure of witnessing the impossible becoming a reality persists. The combination of talent, determination, and nerves of steel that underpins this remarkable achievement elevates the 9 Dart Finish to a status of unparalleled significance in the world of competitive darts.

So, the next time you tune in to watch a darting spectacle, keep an eager eye out for the possibility of witnessing a moment that can truly be described as perfect—a 9 Dart Finish.


If you’ve still got questions about what is a 9 dart finish in darts, then these may help:

What is a 9 dart finish?

A 9-dart finish means the perfect leg in darts, achieved by scoring 501 points in the fewest darts. It’s a rare feat, showcasing remarkable precision and skill.

What do darts players get for a 9-dart finish?

When a darts player achieves a 9-dart finish, it’s a moment of triumph. They receive recognition for hitting the perfect leg and often become legends in the world of darts.

How rare is a 9 dart finish?

A 9-dart finish is extremely rare in darts, where players must hit 501 points in just nine darts. It’s a remarkable achievement that only a few accomplished players have managed. Players like Michael van Gerwen, Adrian Lewis, and Phil Taylor have achieved this remarkable milestone in prestigious tournaments like the World Championship, World Matchplay, and the Premier League.

What is the highest finish in darts?

The highest finish in darts is a 170 checkout. Players achieve this by hitting a treble 20, followed by another treble 20, and then finishing with a bullseye. It’s a challenging but impressive finish.

Has a 9 dart finish 147 break hole-in-one?

No, a Nine-dart finish in darts is not the same as a 147 break-in snooker, often referred to as a “hole-in-one.” A 9-dart finish is achieved by hitting 501 points in nine darts, while a 147 break in snooker is the maximum possible score in a single visit to the table, achieved by potting all 15 reds with blacks and then clearing the colors.

Has a woman ever hit a 9-darter?

Yes, a woman has recorded a televised nine-dart finish in darts. Female darts player Fallon Sherrock achieved this historic feat during the 2020 PDC World Darts Championship, making her the first woman 9 darter to hit a perfect leg in a major televised tournament. 

Who was the first 9 dart finish?

The first recorded 9-dart finish in darts history was achieved by John Lowe during the 1984 World Matchplay tournament. His remarkable accomplishment set the standard for future players to strive for the perfect leg in professional darts.