How to Play Darts on iMessage

Many darts lovers wonder how to play darts on iMessage. So, you think you’re pretty handy with a set of darts, huh? Well, forget all about those crowded game rooms because now you can test your skills right from the comfort of your phone with iMessage Darts! That’s right, folks, Game Pigeon’s infamous virtual dartboard is here to satisfy all your dart-throwing desires.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just a casual player looking to kill some time, this game has got you covered. So, grab your iPhone, open up iMessage, and prepare to throw some pixelated arrows like a true champion. From aiming to reaching that coveted number, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to dominate the competition and emerge victorious in the world of iMessage Darts! 

Setting Up Darts on iMessage game pigeon

To get started, ensure you have the iMessage app installed on your iPhone. Then, follow these simple steps:

  • Open an iMessage conversation with the friend you wish to challenge.
  • Tap the App Store icon and then the “+” icon to access the iMessage App Store.
  • Search for “game pigeon” in the search bar and download the Game Pigeon app from the available apps.
  • Once downloaded, the game pigeon will be added to your iMessage apps, and you can start playing darts with your friend by selecting darts from the different games.
Gamepigeon download option

How to Play Darts Game pigeon

The darts game on iMessage usually has a user-friendly interface, resembling a traditional dartboard. Familiarize yourself with the various sections, such as in-game mode there are 3 options 301,201,101, and the scoring area, the target, and the throw button. Take note of the scoring system, which typically follows the standard rules of darts.

Mastering the Dart Throwing Technique

To achieve consistent and accurate throws, follow these essential tips:

  • Hold your iPhone firmly and find a comfortable grip that suits you.
  • Aim by aligning the virtual dart with your target on the screen.
  • Flick your finger forward in a smooth motion to release the virtual dart.
  • Practice the release timing to hit the desired scoring segments.
Gamepigeon apps view

Unveiling the Strategies for Success

 To outsmart your opponent and secure victory, consider implementing these strategies:

  • Start with easy-to-hit scoring segments and gradually move towards high-scoring areas.
  • Keep an eye on your opponent’s progress to adjust your approach accordingly.
  • Employ a mix of power throws and gentle flicks to confuse your opponent.

Enhancing Your Skills with Practice

Remember, practice makes perfect! Regularly challenge your friends to improve your skills and gain confidence. The more you play, the better you’ll understand the nuances of the virtual dartboard and develop your techniques.

How to On/Off for sound and music in Darts

While the darts game offers minimal in-game sound and music, you have the flexibility to disable it if you prefer listening to your playlist or enjoying a quiet gaming session.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. While on the game screen, look for the ‘hamburger’ icon at the top right corner and tap on it. This will open an overflow menu.
  2. From the menu, select ‘Settings,’ which will bring up a new overlay window on your screen.
  3. Within the avatar customization options, find and tap on the ‘Music’ button to turn off the SFX sound in the game.

Now you can focus on your darts game without any distractions from the in-game sounds. Enjoy your personalized gaming experience!

Pros and Cons of Playing Darts on iMessage: 


  • Convenient and easily accessible within iMessage conversations.
  • An engaging way to challenge and have fun with friends.
  • Helps improve hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking.
  • No need for additional equipment; just your iPhone is enough.


  • Lack of physicality compared to traditional darts.
  • Limited features and gameplay options compared to standalone dart games.


In the end, we hope you are now well aware of how to play darts on iMessage, Playing darts on iMessage through the GamePigeon app is an exciting way to challenge and have fun with friends socially and interactively. By mastering the art of throwing darts and utilizing various strategies, you can increase your chances of winning the game of darts and reach that coveted bull’s eye.

Remember, the game is based on a score of 301, and the player who reaches zero first wins the game. With the ability to disable in-game sounds and enjoy your playlist, iMessage gaming becomes even more enjoyable. So, open the iMessage, start a conversation, and immerse yourself in the thrill of throwing darts toward the segment of the dartboard to emerge victorious in every game!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve still got questions about how to play darts on iMessage, then these may help:

How can I play games on iMessage?

One can engage in gaming activities on iMessage via the utilization of the GamePigeon application. GamePigeon is a cost-free application that can be acquired through the App Store. After successfully obtaining the application, one can proceed to launch it and commence engaging in gaming activities with their acquaintances. 

How do you play online darts?

One can partake in online darts either through the utilization of the GamePigeon application or by accessing the GamePigeon website. The initial step to engage in online darts is the establishment of an account, followed by the invitation of friends to participate.

How do you play 21 in darts?

To participate in the game of 21 in darts, an initial score of 21 is allocated. Subsequently, players will alternate turns to propel darts toward the dartboard. The primary objective is to be the first individual to attain a score of zero. Points can only be earned by successfully hitting either the triple 20 or the bullseye. Any other segment on the dartboard that is hit will result in a deduction of points. 

How do you get 7 in darts?

In the game of darts, achieving a score of 7 can be accomplished by successfully hitting either double 3 or triple 1 on the dartboard. 

What is the dart’s highest score?

The highest score in darts is 180. You can get 180 by hitting the triple 20 three times in a row. Achieving the utmost level of accomplishment in darts is marked by scoring 180 points.

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