How To Play Chase The Dragon Darts Game

Chase the Dragon Darts is an exciting and challenging variation of the traditional dart game that tests your accuracy and strategic skills. Chase the Dragon Darts is an exciting and challenging variation of the traditional game of darts. It’s gaining popularity among darts enthusiasts and players looking for a fresh twist on the classic sport. Many darts players wonder how to play Chase the Dragon Darts game.

In the thrilling Chase the Dragon darts game, all players will triumphantly aim for the remarkable sequence of numbers ranging from 10 to 20, followed by the incredible outer bull, and ultimately, the magnificent bullseye.

Remember, each number must be struck once, but only the spectacular triple segment will truly make a difference. We will walk you further through detail guide the rules, techniques, and strategies to become a master of Chase the Dragon Darts. So let’s explore!

Why Chase the Dragon Darts is Fun and Challenging

Chase the Dragon Darts injects an element of adventure into the traditional game, making it more thrilling and dynamic. Unlike standard darts, this game involves hitting specific targets in a specific sequence, adding a layer of complexity to the gameplay. It’s a game that requires skill, precision, and mental focus, making it a challenging yet enjoyable activity for players of all ages.

Necessary Equipment for Chase the Dragon Darts

To get started with Chase the Dragon Darts, you’ll need the following equipment:

  1. Dartboard: Invest in a high-quality dartboard made of sisal or bristle material. Ensure it has a clear marking for the Dragon’s path and numbered sections for scoring.
  2. Darts: Use steel-tipped darts for better accuracy and durability.
  3. Dragon Path Template: This is a guide placed over the dartboard, depicting the sequence of targets players must hit.
  4. Measuring Tape: Essential for precise positioning of the dartboard.

Rules and Gameplay of Chase the Dragon Darts

Chase the Dragon Darts follows a set of rules that distinguish it from traditional darts. The gameplay involves the following steps:

  1. Setup: Position the dartboard securely on a wall, and place the Dragon Path Template over it. Make sure it aligns correctly and is firmly fixed.
  2. Scoring: Each target on the Dragon Path Template has different point values. The innermost target typically has the highest score.
  3. Player Turns: Players take turns throwing three darts each, aiming to hit the targets in the prescribed order.
  4. Dragon’s Path: The Dragon’s Path is the sequence of targets players must hit. For example, it might be outer circle, inner circle, bullseye, and then outer circle again.
  5. Winning: The player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner.

Techniques and Strategies for Success in Chase the Dragon Darts

Mastering Chase the Dragon Darts requires honing specific techniques and strategies:

  1. Grip and Stance: Develop a comfortable and consistent grip and stance to enhance your throw’s stability and accuracy.
  2. Target Focus: Concentrate on one target at a time to improve your chances of hitting each one in the correct sequence.
  3. Practice Regularly: Like any sport, practice is key. Regularly play Chase the Dragon Darts to improve your skills and develop muscle memory.
  4. Control Your Power: Avoid throwing too forcefully, as it can lead to inconsistency. Find the right balance of power and control for accurate throws.
  5. Mental Focus: Stay calm and focused during the game, as distractions can affect your performance.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Chase the Dragon Darts

As a beginner, you might encounter some common mistakes. Being aware of them can help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls:

  1. Rushing Throws: Take your time to aim and throw accurately; avoid rushing your shots.
  2. Neglecting the Dragon’s Path: Stay mindful of the sequence and avoid jumping ahead to later targets before completing the current one.
  3. Overconfidence: Don’t underestimate the challenge; even skilled players can struggle with the precise sequence.

Understanding the Scoring System in Chase the Dragon Darts

To fully enjoy Chase the Dragon Darts, it’s essential to grasp the scoring system. Each target on the Dragon Path Template carries a specific point value, and the cumulative score determines the winner. Inner targets usually have higher scores, providing an additional challenge.

Variations and Alternate Games with Chase the Dragon Darts

Chase the Dragon Darts is a versatile game, and players often come up with their own variations and alternate games. Some players might create new Dragon Paths, introduce time limits, or play in teams to make the game even more exciting.

Do not Miss Rule – In this exciting edition of the game, any player who fails to hit a target is challenged to start over, encouraging them to strive for pinpoint accuracy. This version is highly recommended for those who possess extraordinary skills in the game, as even the most skilled professionals find it incredibly tough to hit the bullseye in a single attempt. 

Extended Chase the Dragon – In this updated edition of the game, all the trebles, not just the ones from 10 to 20, have been incorporated. This exciting change will take the game to new heights and introduce an additional level of difficulty in hitting those trebles that you may not typically aim for. By doing so, you will enhance your accuracy and consistency skills to an unprecedented level. 

Handicapped Game – If one player has a significant advantage over another, let’s level the playing field by having the superior player start with a lower score. By doing this, we’re making it more challenging for the skilled player as they’ll have to hit more targets, consequently making the game more accessible for the less experienced player. Let’s make it fair and exciting for everyone!

Recommended Practice Drills for Chase the Dragon Darts

Practice is essential for improving your skills in Chase the Dragon Darts. Here are some recommended drills:

  1. Target Accuracy: Focus on hitting specific targets on the Dragon Path repeatedly to build precision.
  2. Consistency Challenge: Aim for consistency by trying to hit the same target multiple times in a row.

Etiquette and Sportsmanship Health Benefits in Chase the Dragon Darts

As in any sport, sportsmanship, and etiquette are essential in Chase the Dragon Darts. Be gracious in both victory and defeat, respect your opponents, and follow the rules and etiquette of the game. Aside from being fun, Chase, the Dragon Darts offers several health benefits. It improves hand-eye coordination, and mental focus, and can be a great stress reliever.

How to Choose the Right Chase the Dragon Darts Set

When selecting a Chase Dragon Darts set, consider factors such as dartboard quality, dart material, and the Dragon Path Template. Investing in high-quality equipment enhances the gaming experience.

Tips and Strategy for Improving Your Aim in Chase the Dragon Darts

Improving your aim is crucial for success in Chase the Dragon Darts. Consider the following tips:

  1. Eye Alignment: Focus on the target with your dominant eye while keeping both eyes open to improve depth perception.
  2. Practice Drills: Engage in specific drills to work on targeting different sections of the Dragon Path.
  3. Visualization: Mentally visualize hitting the target before throwing your dart to improve accuracy.


In the end, we hope you are now well aware of how to play Chase the Dragon Darts game. So, Let’s put their newfound knowledge into practice and embrace the challenge and enjoyment of this unique dart game.

Remember that the key to having fun with dart games is to enjoy the company of your friends and embrace the spirit of friendly competition. Feel free to adjust the rules as you see fit and explore new game variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve still got questions about how to play Chase the Dragon darts, then these may help:

What is the Dragon Path?

The Dragon Path is a popular darts game that adds a challenging twist to the standard 501 darts format. In this game, the objective is for each player to hit the numbers 1 to 20 in sequential order and then finish with the bullseye.

Can I use soft-tipped darts for Chase the Dragon Darts?

Yes, you can use soft-tipped darts for Chase the Dragon Darts. Soft-tip darts are commonly used in electronic dartboards and offer a safer option for players, especially in casual or home settings.

What are some popular variations of Chase the Dragon Darts

Some popular variations of Chase the Dragon Darts include “Shanghai” and “Around the Clock.” In Shanghai, players must hit the single, double, and triple of a designated number in a single turn. Around the Clock involves hitting each number in numerical order, starting from 1.

What is T and D in darts?

In darts, “T” stands for “treble,” which refers to the small inner section of a number on the dartboard, worth triple the value of that number. “D” stands for “double,” the outer ring of the number, worth double its value.

How do I aim better in darts?

To improve your aim in darts, focus on your stance, grip, and release. Keep your body steady, maintain a consistent grip, and release the dart smoothly, aiming for the specific number on the board.

How do you play darts step by step?

1. Choose the number of players and determine the starting order.
2. Each player takes turns to throw three darts at the dartboard.
3. The objective of the game is to hit each number from 1 to 20 in sequential order, followed by the bullseye (inner bull) to win the game.
4. The first player to reach the bullseye after hitting all numbers is declared the winner.

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