Guide to Playing Steeple chase Darts

To participate in steeplechase darts, you must successfully navigate through the board, starting at 20 and ending at 5 before hitting the bullseye. Along the way, there will be several triple spots that act as “fences” that you must hit.

Rules for Steeple Chase Darts

The initial round commences at twenty. In the steeplechase game, only the inner singles ring is considered a legitimate scoring zone. Each participant will be given three darts to attempt to hit the inner single section of twenty. If they are successful, they will progress in a clockwise direction to the next segment in the following round, which would be eighteen, then four, and so on.

In the game, if a player cannot hit the target with their 3 darts, they will have to end their turn and retry on the same number in the following round. They are not permitted to advance to the next number until they successfully hit their current target.

After completing a full rotation around the board and landing on the triple 5, the game can only be won by hitting the red bullseye.

Variations of Steeple Chase Darts

The placement of the barriers can be adjusted according to the player’s preference. The most frequently used option is 6, 3, and 11, which is simpler to recall since they are located at the quarter points of the track.

There are several ways to make the game more accessible for beginners, such as unlocking the complete singles category and eliminating the penalty for missing a fence nine times.

The game of Steeplechase offers a fun experience with distinctive elements that set it apart from other board games. It is certainly worth giving a try.

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